Don’t Chance Voiding Your Furnace Warranty

Most furnace manufacturers will void your warranty if you don’t schedule annual maintenance.

Unfortunately, most Ottawa Area homeowners don’t realize what they’re risking by skipping furnace maintenance.

In this article, we’ll explain:

  • Why neglecting to schedule maintenance voids most HVAC warranties
  • Other warranty “fine print” you might not be aware of

Why neglecting your furnace voids your HVAC warranty

Manufacturers know a furnace that hasn’t been maintained regularly will:

  • Need more repairs
  • Be more likely to break down/die prematurely

And the bottom line is that manufacturers don’t want to pay for repairs that could have easily been avoided with regular maintenance.

Note: To be fair, not all manufacturers require that you get annual maintenance. For example, some manufacturers just “strongly recommend…regular periodic preventative maintenance”. Be sure to check with your HVAC installer or technician to find out your warranty requirements.

If you aren’t sure whether your furnace manufacturer warranty requires annual maintenance, don’t risk it. Go ahead and schedule your furnace maintenance.

Beyond potentially keeping your warranty valid, regular maintenance will also:

  • Save you money on monthly energy bills
  • Save you money by preventing unnecessary repairs
  • Extend the life of your furnace

Other warranty fine print to be aware of…

If you’re already committed to booking annual furnace maintenance, just make sure you follow these 2 additional warranty “rules”:

1. Register your furnace.

Most manufacturers will also require that you register your furnace online within a certain time frame from the installation date. Note: We register all of the furnaces we install on behalf of our customers.

If the furnace isn’t registered, the manufacturer will typically shorten the warranty coverage (i.e. only 1 or 5 year covered instead of possibly 10).

It’s easy to register your furnace. Just go to the manufacturer’s website and look for “product registration”. From there, you should just need your furnace’s model and serial number in order to complete the registration.

2. Choose a licensed professional.

When you need any kind of HVAC help, always make sure you hire a licensed professional.

If your furnace does end up needing a repair within the warranty time frame, the manufacturer will check to make sure that you’ve kept your furnace regularly maintained over the years (so keep your receipts!). And they will check to make sure that the HVAC technicians you hired to perform the maintenance are licensed and insured.

If the techs weren’t licensed and insured, the manufacturer will consider your warranty void and won’t cover your repair.

Note: All of our technicians are licensed, and we keep your maintenance records on file so you don’t have to worry. We take care of it all for you.

Need to schedule furnace maintenance to keep your warranty valid?

Just contact us. We’ll schedule your furnace maintenance on a day and time that works for you.

Want to keep your HVAC warranties valid and save money? Consider our Comfort Club Maintenance Plan.