What is Geothermal Energy?


It’s a cold winter night, you are reading a book, watching TV, or maybe playing a family board game. The last thing on your mind is how much you are spending to keep your family warm and comfortable. Why? You have Geothermal Energy.

It’s a hot summer day, you are out on the deck entertaining friends. It’s unusually comfortable inside your home yet there isn’t a noisy air conditioner disturbing your gathering. Why? You have Geothermal Energy.

Geothermal Energy system uses the Earth’s thermal properties in conjunction with electricity to provide you with whole home space conditioning and unprecedented efficiency. For every unit of electricity the system uses, it provides four units of heating energy, giving a geothermal system a 400 percent efficiency rating, on average. These numbers can translate into real savings on your utility bills year-round. The secret of a Geothermal Energy system’s clean, efficient operation is the earth’s ability to store heat. In fact, almost 50% of the sun’s energy that reaches our planet is absorbed into the earth. That’s 500 times more energy than all of humanity would need in a year! And it’s an unlimited source of energy.

Physically, a Geothermal Energy system resembles a conventional forced-air furnace located conveniently in your mechanical room. Specially designed for use in the cold Canadian climate, a geothermal system extracts heat from a series of closed loop pipes buried outside of your home and transfers it into your mechanical room directly to your Energy unit. From there the system superheats the free energy and distributes it through the home by way of forced-air or in-floor heating. In summer, the system simply reverses and extracts heat from your home for cooling and moves the heat to either your domestic hot water tank or into your closed loop pipes outside. Whatever the season, a Geothermal Energy system will keep your home as comfortable as you could ever imagine.

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