Heat For Less

Get the “Off-Peak Advantage!”


Electricity is more expensive during the day – when we use a lot of it. Dishwashers, washers and dryers, computers, blow dryers… it’s a long list. Power companies charge lower rates during the night when less electricity is used. These lower rates are called “off-peak rates.”


How It Works

The Steffes System makes it easy for you to get the off-peak advantage. You take advantage of the discounted off-peak rates. The electricity is converted to heat. The heat is stored in specially designed ceramic bricks inside the Steffes Heating System.

When heat is needed, day or night, the stored heat is automatically released into your home. Homeowners receive comfortable, even room temperatures, from floor to ceiling. It’s very quiet, and can provide enough heat for a home of any size.

What customers are saying:

Our house is a well insulated, 1500 sq. ft bungalow heated by a Steffes System. We purchase 84% of our power at off peak rates, largely as a result of the Steffes System. Our home stays between 22 and 23 degrees centigrade (72-73 degrees Fahrenheit) year round. Our annual energy bill is about half that of most of our neighbors. Thank you for providing such an excellent product!

– Nova Scotia Homeowner

For Further Information please visit the Steffes Web Site HERE.

Carleton Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. is a proud Dealer for this product in the Ottawa Valley.