Air Cleaners

What’s in the air you breathe?

Here’s What You’re Breathing

The average person breathes 3,400 gallons of air each day. Unfortunately, air isn’t all you’re inhaling. Mold spores, pollen, bacteria, dust and other particles exist in virtually all indoor air.

Reports indicate that the air inside a home can be 2-5 times more polluted than air outside

When installed into your home’s central heating and cooling system, a Honeywell Whole-House Air Cleaner traps and filters airborne particles and contaminants passing through the duct system to make sure that cleaner air is distributed to all rooms in your home. A whole-house air cleaner can also help to maintain the performance of your furnace and air conditioner by keeping it clean.


Electronic Whole House Air Cleaner

Clean the Air in Your Entire Home


The Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner is an advanced and easy-to-use, whole-house solution that traps and filters up to 98% of pollutants from the air passing through your heating and cooling system. This advanced air cleaner captures microscopic impurities like dust, smoke and smog particles in addition to larger particles like mold spores and cat dander.

It works by placing an electric charge on airborne particles, and then collecting the charged pollutants like a magnet. Plus, you can say goodbye to monthly filter replacements by simply washing the air cleaner cells in your dishwasher or sink.

Key Features

  • Advanced, easy-to-use technology. Three-stage filtration includes exclusive electrostatic postfilter that improves filtration with minimal resistance to airflow.
  • Easy maintenance. Optional Air Watch™ system reminds you to wash the filter cells.
  • 5-year warranty.


HEPA Air Cleaners

High-Quality Air for Your Home


Ninety-nine percent of particles in the air are invisible to the naked eye. Standard one-inch air filters trap less than 1% of those invisible particles, allowing them to re-circulate in your home. For the ultimate in clean air, count on the Honeywell Whole-House HEPA Air Cleaner. It captures 99.97% of pollutants from the air that passes through it, including cat dander, certain bacteria, pollens and more.

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particle Arresting, which is the standard that achieves 99.9% air filtration. The Honeywell Whole-House HEPA Air Cleaner provides powerful, 3-stage filtration to deliver the cleanest air possible throughout your home.

Key Features

  • Three filter system. Activated carbon, pre-filter, HEPA filter.
  • Easy to maintain. Free AIRWATCH™ Indicator reminds you when to change filters.
  • 5-year warranty.


UV Air Treatment

UV100_180sqHoneywell’s Ultraviolet (UV) Air Treatment Systems zap mold spores and certain live, airborne bacteria passing by the lamp to prevent them from being re-circulated into your home’s air.

The shortwave lights, similar to those used in hospitals, laboratories and commercial kitchens, are easy to add to your existing heating and cooling system.

Plus, the long-life lamps are easy to replace when needed.

The Honeywell UV Air Treatment System can kill up to 87% of certain airborne bacteria* in the air passing through your heating/cooling system, reducing the presence of these harmful agents in the air your family breathes.

*Test performed shows a single-pass kill rate of serratia marcescens bacteria in a clean metal 12″x25″ duct at an airflow of 2000 cfm using new lamps.

Key Features

  • Meets American Lung Association® Health House® guidelines.
  • Designed for safety. Sealed unit design prevents contact with voltage and UV rays.
  • Exclusive SmartLamp™ technology. Extends lamp efficiency for up to five years.
  • Built-in diagnostics. LED light indicates when lamp replacement is needed.
  • 5-year warranty.