Radiant Heating

radheat3Radiant Under-the-Floor Heating Systems: this is a quality heat distribution system that delivers efficient, uniform heat.

Radiant heating systems utilize a boiler to provide heated water that circulates through plastic pipes under the floor. Radiant floor heating is a very efficient and comfortable method of heating a home or office.

Benefits of radiant heating include:

  • Maximum flexibility in zoning and temperature controls
  • Constant and even heat in all areas of the home
  • Cozy, warm floor surfaces for bare foot comfort
  • No unsightly baseboard heaters to take up wall space
  • Completely silent heating
  • System can use air handlers with air conditioning, wood heat, solar heat, or heat pumps

The plastic heating pipes are installed in a concrete or gypcrete floor, or can be attached by clips under a wooden floor. A radiant system can be installed in an existing home or placed into plans for a new home. It requires calculations to be done from the project floor plans and heat loss to be calculated for each room. A report is then generated to detail how many feet of tubing will be required for each room.


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Piping installed in concrete floor


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Piping installed under wooden floor