Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning


imagesCA33V8ILDuct cleaning is recommended every 4 – 5 years.

When was the last time your’s were cleaned?

You should have your Air Ducts and Dryer Vent cleaned if you answer “Yes” to any of these questions:

Have you recently moved into a new home?

Have you recently completed home renovations?

Do you have family members with alergies or asthma?

Have you recently installed a new furnace?

Do you have pets or several occupants in your home?

duct_cleaning_jamie_and_before_and_afterDust and dirt accumulate in your ductwork, and they are often accompanied by mold, pollen, animal dander and other irritants and allergens. These pollutants can get re-circulated into your home’s air, leading to poor indoor air quality.

Asthma sufferers, young children and the elderly can be especially susceptible to the effects of these contaminants. They can also worsen seasonal allergies, sinus problems and other respiratory ailments – but regular air duct cleaning can help address these problems.

The efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system as well as your clothes dryer could also be affected by improper duct maintenance. You can help prevent this with regular cleaning.

Why choose to have Carleton Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. properly clean your heating & cooling system air ducts?

We use the Rotobrush air+® air duct cleaning system!

Here’s what we offer with our air duct cleaning services:

Free video inspection of your air duct system:

We will inspect your air ducts using a colour mini-camera to see if there is any debris built up in your system.

If we detect dirt, debris or dust, we will recommend that you have your heating system cleaned.

Washing and disinfection:

Dryer_2We start by washing and disinfecting your hot and cold air registers, diffusers and grills throughout your entire home.

Cleaning the ducts:

We brush and vacuum in and out of each supply and return air duct with the Rotobrush system.

Anti-microbial spray:

After everything has been cleaned, we apply an anti-microbial spray to your duct vent, leaving a fresh scent.

The end result:

Your air duct system is clean, free of obstruction and more efficient, and you enjoy improved air quality in your home.

View the video below for more information on the Rotobrush system of air duct cleaning.

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