Joel Mabo just left our home having finished the inaugural maintenance check of our heating system. I just wanted to let you know that Linda and I were EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with Joel and the work that he completed. The points that caught our attention ……

  • Joel determined that he was going to be late for the appointment and gave us a courtesy call to let us know when he would arrive. He arrived at that time.
  • He was very attentive to housekeeping during his many trips between floors and left the place spotless.
  • He was tremendously thorough with his inspection and exceptional in comparison to any furnace maintenance work I have experienced in the past.
  • Joel fully explained the work completed, made suggestions for furnace operation going forward, and provided personal contact information in the event that we ever have a question. He gave a very sincere impression of wanting to meet all of our service needs and gaining our confidence.
  • He made sure that the service program we initially selected is the one that we wanted.
  • Joel was exemplary in his professionalism and politeness in everything detail.

In summary, I can’t say enough positive about this experience with Carleton Refrigeration. While we signed up for the Gold Service Plan, you and the Carleton team provided PLATINUM service in every possible way. This includes the first call to you to find out if Carleton provides this type of service, to receiving the program information and making arrangements for the first maintenance with Tracy Burgess, to the way that the work was completed by Joel.

Linda and I are very, very confident that our heating system was left in top shape and now in caring, capable hands with you, Tracy, Joel, and Carleton Refrigeration. Thank you for the peace of mind and for such a pleasant experience in a world where outstanding service is a very rare trait to find. If you ever need a reference from a very satisfied client, do not hesitate to offer my name. If you post testimonials, feel free to add this note to your website.

Andy Boldt


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